For concert ensembles - 

Both the UTSA Wind Ensemble and the UTSA Symphonic Band are two ensembles that require students to audition. These ensembles are comprised of both music and non-music majors. Audition dates and times will be updated per audition. Auditions take place at the start of each fall and spring semester. Band placements are determined by the audition results, in addition to/following consultation with studio teachers and ensemble directors.

The Department also offers a third option for students. The UTSA University Band is a non audition ensemble comprised mainly of non-music majors. It performs a standard three concert schedule each semester here at UTSA and offers students an enjoyable and fun musical outlet. All ensembles serve as hourly credits and serve towards the students cumulative GPA. 

Wind/percussion players who are interested in ORCHESTRA notate this on their audition form. The audition is the same for all ensembles. Orchestra participation is highly selective and is determined by audition results, in addition to/following consultation with studio teachers and ensemble directors. Personnel needs fluctuate depending on repertoire requirements.

Spring 2019 Auditions -  Sunday, January 13th                                     

All UTSA Music Majors are REQUIRED to audition. However, auditions for both the UTSA Wind Ensemble and the UTSA Symphonic band are open to both majors and non-music majors.  For those non-music majors who are interested in performing in a non-audition ensemble, we suggest the UTSA University Band. For information on the UTSA University Band, please click - HERE

Auditions will consist of selected excerpts provided by all UTSA applied faculty. This music is available for download on this website at the bottom of this page. Scales and sight reading will be a part of the audition process as well.The link to audition sign-ups is directly below the excerpt downloads for each instrument. REMEMBER TO SIGN-UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT ONLINE!

All auditions will be blind and evaluated by UTSA faculty. 

INTERESTED IN ORCHESTRA? Seats are limited and are offered based on this audition and consultation with UTSA faculty. Participation in the UTSA Orchestra is optional; both music majors AND non-majors are eligible. You indicate interest for orchestra on your audition form prior to your audition.


FLUTE                                BASSOON                               TRUMPET                                 EUPHONIUM

OBOE                                 SAXOPHONE                           TROMBONE                              TUBA

CLARINET/BASS CLAR         FRENCH HORN                        BASS TROMBONE                      PERCUSSION

For questions regarding UTSA Music auditions, please contact