Meet your 2018 Clarinet Staff!


Darion Campbell

Major: Music education

Classification: Sophomore

Instrument: Clarinet

This is going to be my second year in SOSA! I joined SOSA because I fell in love with marching band in high school, and love how big of a family SOSA is, and all the people I get to meet along the way. Also, I’m a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, and have been since the fall of 2017!

“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny” -Stephen Hawking


Jonathan Van Hoozen

Major: Communication major with a music minor

Classification: Junior

Instrument: Clarinet

This will be my 3rd consecutive year with SOSA. I am obsessed with Beyoncé in-fact I have even been given the nickname of “the Beyoncé of UTSA”.

Quote: “You can work extremely hard and put in 110 percent and be the absolute best you can be and still fail and that’s ok.”



Aleena Fernandez

Major: English

Classification: Junior

Instrument: Clarinet

Hello! My name is Aleena, although I prefer Leena! I am a second year SOSA member and first year student staff. SOSA is the place where I found my people. You will not find a better group of supportive and encouraging band mates. If you know me, I’ve probably told you about my love for video games. My favorite is Animal Crossing! ( I love almost anything Nintendo!) Additionally, I really love music and own 4 types of ukuleles, not kidding. I also have a parakeet named Link, a.k.a my best friend.

“Don’t let go of good times and let the bad ones know you feel fine” - Christina Grimmie