Saxes/Low Reeds

Meet your 2018 Saxes and Low Reed Staff!


Shelby Gorden


Ryan Erfurth



Britnee Gallindo

Hey guys!!

I'm Britnee Galindo and I'm on the marching staff for the saxophone section. I will be a sophomore studying Public Health/ Epidemiology with a minor in Math. I'm out of my mind, I know! It'll be my second year in SOSA and my first year on staff. I graduated from East Central High School here in San Antonio. 
I joined SOSA to step out of my comfort zone, experience new things and meet new people. I did just that! I have met so many amazing people, and of course the games and trips are pretty exciting too. It is an awesome organization, if you're still debating whether you should join, I highly encourage you to try. It is a great way to start off your college years! If you have any questions feel free to message me,  I can't wait to see you at camp in August!!
                                                                                                     -Britnee Galindo

P.S. My favorite quote -
"Her soul is a kaleidoscope bursting with every shade and hue,but shift your angle ever so slightly and she's something entirely new"  (Eric Hanson)

Joshua Alvarez


Joel McMinn-Reyna

Hello! My name is Joel McMinn-Reyna and I went to Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas. I am a Sophmore Music Education Major. My primary instrument is Saxophone! Although I do know how to play many others. This is my first year on staff and my 2nd year with SOSA! The reason why I joined SOSA is because I had heard many great things about SOSA and I wanted to be a part of the program! My favorite quote is " Live like you are dying"