Meet your 2018 Trumpet Staff!


Kae Roemershauser

Major: Politics and Law (one major) with a minor in sociology

Classification: Sophpmore

Instrument: Trumpet

8.OSA will be my second season with SOSA and I ready to make some more incredible shows this year! Music has always been a passion of mine, so I'm excited to be one of your trumpet music staff. I'm also president of IGNITE at UTSA, an organization that encourages women to run for elected positions, and I'm highly involved in the honors college. If you have any questions about how to get involved on campus (though you've already made a great choice by joining SOSA) or just need someone to talk to, I'm your gal!


Iman Anwar

Major: Medical Humanities

Classification: Sophomore

Instrument: Trumpet!

This is my second year in SOSA! I love the environment it provides and the friendships it helps build. I’m also a very avid reader, and am a part of Tau Beta Sigma. I’m pretty much always doing homework or at Buffalo Wild wings, I’m very dramatic.

My favorite quote is from Harry Potter: ‘it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’


Shennan MacDonald

Major: Psychology

Classification: Senior

Instrument: Trumpet

3 yrs in SOSA

I like reading, Netflix bingeing (idk how to spell it) and looking at pictures of cute doggos

“I benefit from a hiatus in my recollections” - Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies

Alejandro Martinez 

Major: Music Education

Classification: Senior

Instrument: Trumpet

Main interests: Banding hard, chicken parmesan, video games, Bobby Joe De Leon Jr., anime, bad movies, football, Clarke's Technical Studies for the Cornet, hoarding band memorabilia, not proof reading my essays, lists. This Fall will be my fourth season with SOSA and my third season as trumpet music staff. I joined SOSA because coming out of high school I really didn't know what to expect from college so I wanted to be a part of something familiar. Marching band was one of the biggest parts of my life in high school and I wanted to keep it in my life going into college. SOSA has been one of the best decisions I've made at UTSA and has provided me with some of my fondest memories and closest friends. I look forward to my final season with this ensemble and all the people I'll get to meet along the way! I am also a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America.

"There ain't nothing worth doing if you don't hate not doing it" - Taco Joe. This is one of my favorite quotes because I have no idea what it means but Joe is really proud of it and I'm proud of him so I just decided to let it be.



Autumn Moreno

Hometown/School: Von Ormy, TX / Somerset High School

Major: Biology

Classification: Junior

Instrument: Trumpet

Hey everyone! This is my third year marching in The Spirit of San Antonio (S.O.S.A) and my very first year as part of staff. I love being a part of SOSA for many reasons, but the biggest one for me would be all of the great people I’ve met while being here. You’re going to find so many people that share your interests and are very relatable. Personally, I found some of my best friends while being in SOSA and almost all of them are in my section. We’re a very friendly group, so don’t be worried about not having many friends or being alone. All in all, SOSA has never been a regret of mine and I’m super excited to meet everyone and perform another year in this amazing ensemble.

“If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.” - John Green


Joe Rodriguez

Major: Communications

Classification: Sophomore

Instrument: Trumpet

Sup I’m Taco Joe I stake way too much of my happiness on the cowboys spurs and roadrunners success. I run a twitter account about UTSA called @barstoolUTSA This is my second year in SOSA. My biggest goal in life is to help turn UTSA into the next big college sports superpower. I love being apart of this organization more than I love breathing. The loudest brother in Phi Mu Alpha.

Never tell me the odds- Han Solo