Student Assistants

Meet your 2018 Student Assistants!


Kevin Gonzales

Ryan Erfurth 

Hey guys, my name is Ryan Erfurth and I am from the great city of San Antonio, home of this wonderful university. I grew up on the south side of San Antonio attending Southside high school. I am a Senior here at UTSA and am studying Administration and Economics. I am apart of the best section in SOSA, the saxophones and this is my 4th year in SOSA, 3rd year on staff. I am currently sitting as the Treasurer of Phi Mu Alpha fraternity and I am beginning my 3rd year in the fraternity. I am an avid golfer, camper and I love the outdoors in general so if you do, let me know, I always enjoy company. "Live life to the fullest because it only happens once."



Marquis Anderson

Hometown/School: Manor, TX/Manor HS


Classification: Junior

Instrument: Cymbals

This will be my third year on staff with the cymbals! I've been a part of SOSA because I love playing cymbals and the people!

Krishna: "Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom."