We make every effort to accept as many students as possible into the Roadrunner Bands. There is a rumor that College Bands are made up mostly of music majors, but in fact, around 80% of the College Band Members are non-music majors and these students are a very important part of our program.  In fact, the highest percentage of performers in college bands study Engineering and Computer Science and use this as an elective credit towards their majors.

Think of the audition/assessment process for college band as a way for the directors and staff to evaluate the talent level of the ensemble, asses the capabilities and potential of the upcoming season and give you positive feedback on how you can maximize your contribution to the ensemble.  

How do I get complete assessment information?

Find the section you will be performing in below and click on the link.  A collection of materials and information will automatically download for you to print out and use to prepare for Summer Band.

What will my Summer Band assessment include?

There are three important components to the complete audition process:

1. A musical assessment will be held at the very beginning of the Summer Band to determine which part you should play. You will be asked to sight-read, to play a chromatic scale, and to play several major scales and material from your Audition Packet.

2. An on-going evaluation of your marching, playing, and overall attitude takes place during the entire Summer Band session.

3. At some point during Summer Band, all students are formally evaluated and from those evaluations our Marching Block is selected. (Subject to approval by the Director of the UTSA SOSA.)

The BLOCK includes alternate positions in each section (including percussion, flag and majorette). Those not selected for the Block may be invited to become members of the Roadrunner Crew, a vital part of our organization, who enjoy full membership privileges while working as our logistical staff.

Please note that the procedure described above applies to brass, woodwind, and percussion assessments.