Who can participate in the UTSA SPIRIT OF SAN ANTONIO Marching Band?

The UTSA Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band is an ensemble-class in the Department of Music open to all UTSA students meeting the following criteria:

1.Official enrollment at the University of Texas at San Antonio (Degree or Non-Degree Seeking)

UTSA Registration Information

2. Enrolled in the UTSA Athletic Band Course listed under ASAP.

  • All Brass and Woodwind players are to register for the following course: MUS 3801 - CRN 22044

  • All Percussion players are to register for the following course: MUS 3801 - CRN 22045

  • All Auxiliary units (Colorguard/Pom/Twirlers) are to register for the following course: DAN 3801 - CRN 23057


How do I get complete audition information?

Auxiliaries - If you are a Guard (Flag, rifle), twirler, or dance team (pom squad) student, it is most important to regularly check the Auxiliary/Pom websites which are updated on a regular basis. Look for this information in early Spring. If you still have questions, please email Randi Miles. -HERE

Winds - If you are a brass or woodwind, please download the: UTSA Roadrunner Assessment Materials

Please note, this is not an audition for ensemble membership. All members who register for the course are automatically in SOSA. (UTSA Assessment Materials - Contain daily routines, warm-ups and music that will help determine your assignment within the ensemble during Summer Band.)

Percussion (Battery and Pit Percussion) - Please download the following exercises and prepare them to the best of your ability on as many instruments as you are interested in performing on. 

Athletic Percussion Assessment Materials

For Future Roadrunners (HS Juniors and younger)

If you are a high school junior or younger and you would like to receive some information about the UTSA Athletic Bands, email us at sosa@utsa.edu

You will receive information about the UTSA Music Department and how to participate in bands at UTSA.  

(Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the band office of address changes.)


Will SOSA interfere with my school work?

Rehearsals are scheduled at a time of day when few other classes meet and little class time is lost due to travel. With careful planning you should have time to participate in the UTSA SOSA. 

The Rehearsal Times for the Roadrunner Marching Band are as followed:

M/W    6:00pm - 7:00pm   Percussion and Auxiliary Sectionals

M/W/F 7:00pm - 9:30pm   Full Band

As with any college activity, you will be responsible for keeping track of your time and keeping up with all of your academic work.

Plan ahead, you can do it!

Further Questions can be directed -HERE