Home sweet home!

After a few delays, we are back in the great city of San Antonio! It's true what they say... There's no place like home! 

As we all make way our ways back to our respective homes, we take with us many great things from this trip. Each of us now hold a special place in our hearts for those involved in the events of D-Day and will hold that respect for the rest of our lives. Whether we realize it yet or not, we have all been changed by this memorable week. We take away the sights, the sounds, and the great stories told over these past few days. 

To Carola, our wonderful tour guide! Although you may never see this blog , we wish to publicly thank you for the enthusiasm and love you shared with our group! You were such a joy to be with and we will sincerely miss your energy and smiling face! Kiki! 

To our President, Dr. Ricardo Romo, we wish to thank you for your ongoing support of UTSA Music and the UTSA Spirit of San Antonio. For without your enthusiastic support and vision for a top tier university, none of this would have been made possible. You are loved here in the SOSA family! Don't worry, we will share pictures with you from this wonderful experience! From our hearts to yours...thank you, and Go Runners! 

To the Chairman and all supporting staff. Thank you, thank you , thank you! Thank you for being the logistical gods and goddesses and being the driving force behind insuring this tremendous opportunity for SOSA. David Frego, Naomy Ybarra, Carol Rustowicz, Stephen Hill, Victor Mendiola, and Cindy Solis... We owe you all! You have been nothing short of amazing for not only SOSA but for UTSA Music. Your day to day work does not go unnoticed. 

And once more , to our family and friends who have supported us throughout our entire musical careers, we owe you the most. You have been there when we wanted to put the instruments down and quit and have also been their for some of our greatest accomplishments! So thank you! Thank you for becoming a band groupie/nerd along with us all and sharing this wonderful journey with us!! 

God bless you all, and God bless Texas! 

Feels great to be home!