Let the countdown begin!

The Spirit of San Antonio will begin preparing for it's departure to Normandy starting tomorrow!!

Tomorrows rehearsal will run from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on the 1604 Main Campus. We will also rehearse Friday and Saturday from 10:00am - 9:00pm... That's right! 11 hour days!!! as well as on Sunday from 4-7 pm. We will not only focus on music, but also focus on creating the perfect image representative of the United States!  Rehearsals will focus on preparing music representative of both the United States and France. There's no doubt that members of this community withhold the pride and patriotism needed for such a task! 

SOSA Honoring US Veterans at home football game

SOSA Honoring US Veterans at home football game

Faculty and supporting staff have been putting in tremendous work in preparing for the marching bands departure while marching band members rush to finalize all their traveling needs!  We are incredibly thankful for the ongoing support of University President - Ricardo Romo, UTSA Music Chair - David Frego, and all supporting UTSA officials. To have this kind of support is spectacular and we could not have had this opportunity if it wasn't for these amazing individuals! 

We have also been fortunate enough to have our story picked up by multiple media sources including local news cast, Texas Public Radio, and World News Feed! We're excited for what this means for the future of SOSA! 

Todays Media Coverage:


World News Feed - 

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Stay tuned! More to come about our pre-departure preparations, and MUCH more to come once we're on our way!!